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    • 대학·연구소 IP
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    Gesture Recognition Engine

    This is a gesture recognition IP solution for wearable devices. It supports high recognition accuracy by exploiting the nearest neighbor search (NNS) and the hidden Markov model (HMM). Moreover, power consumption of this engine with optimized arithmetic operation is lower than conventional approach.

    KU460S0903 | 2017-05-25

    • 대학·연구소 IP
    • T

    QQVGA 2.7mW Hand Detection Core

    Hand Detection Engine for hand gesture application in mobile devices Streaming based architecture without external memory access

    KU462S0900 | 2017-05-19

    • 대학·연구소 IP
    • T

    CNN Hardware Accelerator for Vehicle Detection

    Machine learning classification algorithms, which are rapidly developing around deep learning, are attracting attention because of their superior performance over existing methods.

    KU291H0848 | 2017-01-06

    • 대학·연구소 IP
    • T

    Hardware Accelerator for SVM Training

    SVM(Support Vector Machine) is well-known machine learning algorithm often used in image processing. However, if the system using the SVM uses data other than the previously learned data, a new learning may be required. Especially, in the embedded environment, it takes a long learning time in this situation, and SVM ca..

    KU291S0845 | 2016-12-30

    • 대학·연구소 IP
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    AVM Image Processor

    The proposed IP is an AVM(Around View Monitoring) image processor which generates AVM images in real time. AVM receives four input images and generates one bird’s eye view image using the inputs.

    KU291S0782 | 2016-04-20