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    Random Generator and Single Wire communication IP

    Single wire communication IP with Random Generator is similar to I2C. The data for communication in a two-way communication by using one line is always a built-in data is changed randomly Random Generator IP to prevent hacking.

    KC551S0685 | 2015-06-26

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    A 2-Gb/s SLVS Transceiver in 0.18-μm CMOS for Mobile Application

    A scalable low voltage signaling (SLVS) transceiver is proposed for mobile applications requiring low power consumption. The voltage swing of the proposed SLVS transmitter is scalable from 50 mV to 300 mV. The pull-up and pull-down circuits of the proposed SLVS transmitter are asymmetrically segmented to slices. Its ou..

    KU089H0491 | 2014-02-11