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    RC Clock Oscillators

    Our IP is consisted of 2 type of oscillator. One is clock generation for MCU or Digital circuit(Main Oscillator) the other is for checking timing(Real Time Clock Oscillator). Main oscillator can generate 10~100MHz frequency and Real Time Clock Oscillator 32kHz.

    KC589H0947 | 2018-05-24

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    RC oscillator

    This oscillator provides a clock source and supports the frequency range of 137kHz to 688kHz that has the tunnalbe control range of 256 step. It is designed in 130nm BCDMOS technology. It can cover wide temperature range over -40°C ~ 150°C . This is useful for automotive IP which have wide temperature variation.

    KU335H0835 | 2016-10-14

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    32MHz OSC (RC Oscillator)

    SHL018C32KOSC is a RC Oscillator using Internal RC. This Internal RC Oscillator generates 32KHz frequency output and can tune frequency by resistor control.

    KC081H0235 | 2012-10-16