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    CAN FD Controller

    The Controller Area Network with Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD) controller implements the CAN FD specifications as defined in the Bosch specification.

    KU359S0915 | 2017-07-11

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    CAN Controller

    CAN (controller area network) is a standard real-time serial communication protocol, and it was developed to control various in-vehicle electronic modules. CAN controller was designed in Verilog HDL, based on CAN ver. 2.0A and 2.0B.

    KU359S0890 | 2017-05-12

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    LIN Controller

    LIN is a standard low-speed serial communication protocol, and it was developed as an efficient sub-bus for automotive electronic modules. LIN controller was implemented in Verilog HDL, based on LIN ver. 2.2A.

    KU359S0889 | 2017-05-12

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    LIN Transceiver

    This module is a interface between with LIN(Local Interconnect Network) protocol and physical bus. It will be the enabling factor for the implementation of a hierarchical vehicle network in order to gain further quality enhancement and cost reduction of vehicles.

    KU366H0805 | 2016-05-14

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    CAN Transceiver

    This module is the interface between the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol controller and the physical bus. It is primarily intended for high speed applications, up to 1 Mbaud, in passenger cars. The device provides differential transmit capability to the bus and differential receive capability to the CAN contro..

    KU366H0804 | 2016-05-14