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    ECU with CAN IDS

    This is an automotive ECU based on RISC-V with open instruction set architecture. It includes 32b RISC-V CPU core, IVN controllers such as CAN and LIN, memory interfaces such as ROM and SRAM, and I/O interfaces such as SPI, UART, and I2C. When a node in automotive CAN bus is hacked, such node should be blocked to preve..

    KU359S1096 | 2021-10-15

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    CAN FD Controller

    The Controller Area Network with Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD) controller implements the CAN FD specifications as defined in the Bosch specification.

    KU359S0915 | 2017-07-11

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    CAN Controller

    CAN (controller area network) is a standard real-time serial communication protocol, and it was developed to control various in-vehicle electronic modules. CAN controller was designed in Verilog HDL, based on CAN ver. 2.0A and 2.0B.

    KU359S0890 | 2017-05-12

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    LIN Controller

    LIN is a standard low-speed serial communication protocol, and it was developed as an efficient sub-bus for automotive electronic modules. LIN controller was implemented in Verilog HDL, based on LIN ver. 2.2A.

    KU359S0889 | 2017-05-12

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    Time out oscillator in FlexRay transceiver

    1) The designed IP is the time out oscillator in FlexRay transceiver. The designed IP consists of bias current circuit, LDO, level shifter, oscillator and timeout circuit. Total bias current is 100uA and operation up to supply voltages of 3.3V. the time out oscillator circuit detects an error signal when the BP or BM s..

    KU423H0883 | 2017-04-20