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    This DPHY-RX is a high-frequency low-power, low-cost, source- synchronous, Physical Layer compliant with the MIPI Alliance Standard for D-PHY. The IP is configured as a MIPI slave and consists of 5 lanes: 1 Clock lane and 4 data lanes, The High-Speed signals have a low voltage swing, while Low-Power signals have lar..

    KC567H1085 | 2021-07-20

    • 대학·연구소 IP
    • P

    Digital Control Readout Integrated Circuit(ROIC) For Gas Sensor

    Proposed digital control readout integrated circuit (ROIC) for gas sensor can solve size, power consumption, and other problems with proposed system. Negative charge pump can apply wide range of negative voltage to gate of HEMT device. Amplify signal effectively with complementary structure and chopper technique which ..

    KU199H1084 | 2021-04-06

    • 대학·연구소 IP
    • P

    Trans-impedance Amplifier for Gas Sensor Analog Front-end

    Transimpedance Ampllifier(TIA) amplifies current to voltage. Nested chopper technique, Weak Inversion design allow low noise, low offset structure. There are four blocks in TIA. First, by using chopping technique, flicker noise and dc offset is removed with modulation and demodulation of signal. In this case, the mod..

    KU199H1083 | 2021-04-06

    • 대학·연구소 IP
    • P

    High Resolution Analog-Digital Converter for Gas Sensor Interface

    This discrete-time 3rd order delta-sigma analog-digital converter is supplied by 3.3V, and shows 16bit resolution. The measured effective number of bits(ENOB) is 15bit. The sampling rate is 500kS/s. Digital control block is added to improve robustness of power variation of amplifier of delta-sigma ADC. High SNDR is ach..

    KU199H1081 | 2021-04-05

    • 대학·연구소 IP
    • P

    Negative Charge Pump for Gas Sensor

    The NCP20 is designed to provide a regulated negative voltage from a single positive voltage that is origin from LDO’s Output. The NCP20 operates from a single 2V to 4.4V Voltage and provides an adjustable output voltage from 1.56V to 7.35V . Three external capacitors are required: a 1µF input capacitor, 1nF out..

    KU199H1080 | 2021-04-05